Michael Cline
Hello one and all!

In addition to teaching SAIL, I run Pinckney's Ecology Club. I have been with Pinckney since the school opened in 2000 and every year is an adventure!

Here's my short bio:

I'm a teacher, dad, and husband, yet not necessarily in that order but those are the top three. Also rans include: sports fan, guitar player, and reader.

After working as an engineer out of college, I went back to school in Minneapolis to get certified (not crazy certified) and student teach in MN. I've been teaching in Mount Pleasant, SC ever since 1995. I began my teaching career at Belle Hall Elementary where I taught 5th grade until I moved to Pinckney. I taught 5th grade at Pinckney for 4 years before my current position as an instructor for Gifted & Talented (SAIL) students at Charles Pinckney Elementary. 

My wife, Jennifer, and I were married in 1993 and we have two girls: Elsa and Maya. We love to play frisbee golf, Mario Cart, and go for hikes. Lately we have had a blast exploring Ashville, NC and the surrounding, outstanding outdoors.