Novel Studies

    We are now beginning our new Literature Circles/Book Clubs based on our updated lexile ranges.  These novels will be read on a regular basis in class.  It is very important that your child does this.  This will help them to remain successful and earn the best grades possible.  The pacing of the reading will be critical and the completion of the independent work assigned an integral portion of their grade.  Each child will be earning more responsibility and independence.  Each will be expected to stay on task independently while I conference with other groups in the Literature Circle Rotation.  I will meet with each group/individual to promote the best use of time, provide daily assistance, check fluency, monitor comprehension, and check Novel Study Notebooks for the appropriate amount of independent assignment completion based on the time allotted.  Please remind your child that earning extra independence and responsibility is a wonderful thing that requires him/her to focus and stay on task at all times.

    I am so excited about the beginning of the new Literature Circles/Book Clubs.  We will be working very hard creating and learning many new, rigorous, and exciting things.  One of our goals will include being the strongest reader possible while reaching for a higher lexile level.  Just a little future note, we will take the Reading MAP test one more time this year in spring.  I can't wait to see our lexile ranges then!